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Daily Announcements

The Fruit And Veggie Program Is Keeping Our Students Healthy!

Battleground is proud to be a Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program school again this year. This program provides students with fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks during the school day. The program has been successful in introducing students to a variety of produce they otherwise might not have the opportunity to sample.
Battleground is the only school in the district to offer this program.



Hello Parents!

Battleground Elementary School will be a UNIFORM SCHOOL for the 2013-2014 school year.  Listed below are the uniform requirements for all students:

  • Khaki bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers, capris, etc.).  Please do not purchase cargo pants (multiple pockets down the leg).
  • Uniform tops must be plain navy, white, or light blue in a polo style with sleeves.  Girls may choose rounded or V-neck type shirts with sleeves.  No visible logos allowed (Izod, Polo, Reebok, etc.).  T-shirts and shirts with the school logo/mascot are acceptable as long as they are navy, white, or light blue.  Previous Battleground t-shirts are okay regardless of the color.
  • If shirts are worn un-tucked, they must not hang lower than the fingertips when arms are down at the side.
  • Students may wear shoes, socks and belts of their choice.

Uniforms will be available at the following stores as soon as they can get them ordered (Wal-Mart, Belk, J.C. Penny, Big Lots, Goodwill, Family Dollar, Target, Rose’s).  There will be other companies added throughout the summer.  Please call me on my cell phone if you have any questions or if you need additional information.

Jim Heffner

Saludos Familia!
La Escuela Battleground Elementary  usará el  UNIFORME ESCOLAR   para el año escolar del 2013-2014. A continuación encontrarás los requisitos del uniforme para todos los estudiantes:
Pantalones, pantalones cortos, faldas, pantalon corto capri (a las rodillas), o enterizos debe ser de color caqui (café claro/beige/canela). No se permite usar pantalones con bolsillos múltiples a lo largo de las piernas en ambos lados.Debe de usar camisas o blusas sencillas (con mangas) estilo Polo (con cuello) de color blanco, azul ocuro o celeste (azul claro) sin algún tipo de logo, dibujo o propaganda (Izod, Polo, Reebok, etc). Solamente las camisas o camisetas blancas, azul ocuro o azul claro con el logo/dibujo de la mascota escolar se permite. Las niñas pueden usar camisas o blusas con cuellos redondos o en forma de V.
Se puede usar las camisas, camisetas o blusas por fuera del pantalon o pantalon corto si no se pasa de los dedos al extender los brazos hacia abajo a los lados.
Se puede usar zapatos, calcetines o cinturón/faja al gusto del estudiante.
Los uniformes estarán disponibles en los siguientes negocios: ( Wal-Mart, Belk, J.C. Penny, Big Lots, Family Dollar).  Durante el verano estaremos agregando otros negocios.Me puedes llamar al celular si tiene preguntas o necesita información adicional.
Director Jim Heffner

School Improvement Plan 2013-2014

School Improvement Team Members

Jim Heffner- Principal
Ginger Thompson- Reading Specialist
Jennifer Reep- Kindergarten
Sarah Seale- First Grade
Krystle Bess - Co-chair Second Grade
Pamela Bollinger -Second Grade
Dailie Carter- Chair, Third Grade
 Tiffany Lott- Secretary, EC Teacher
 Linda Wolfe- School Counselor
Selina Asaro-ESL Teacher

School Improvement Plan BG 2012-2014 - REVISED.doc

Upcoming Events


Welcome to Battleground Elementary's Website! 

 Office hours:  8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Monday-Thursday) 

Principal - Scott H. Carpenter 
Assistant Principal 


Our PTO is currently making plans to raise funds for our school.  We have several projects we are considering.
  • Grading the landscape on the 3rd grade playground to stop erosion
  • Permanent "rubberized" mulch
  • New equipment for the playground
  • Student incentives
  • Student rewards
  • Field trips
All parents are members of the PTO.  Please make an effort to help out when we need you.